"What a concept! This highly original book offers deep life lessons and philosophical concepts inspired by the mind and questions of a 7-year old. Marcel is a deep thinker on philosophy, psychology and culture and he cuts through difficult academic concepts to give us new understandings. Despite its dry reputation, philosophy is always personal. It gives us the chance to see the world with fresh eyes and lose the categories and assumptions that slowly accrete to, and sometimes deaden, the adult mind... but which children are mercifully free of. Inspiring and important."

-Tom Butler-Bowdon

Author of 50 Philosophy Classics and 50 Psychology Classics

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I admit my knowledge concerning philosophers is limited but your clear and concise explanations of their works was enlightening. The simple yet clever words spoken by Amara, and interpreted to explain a deeper philosophical meaning was done in a clear and insightful manner.

I found your personal honesty concerning your previous struggles to be heartfelt and close to home. My brother battled drugs and alcohol for years before sobering up. Once this book is in hard copy I will send him a copy. Naturally, I'll take one as well."

-Father of a kindergarten friend of Amara

"I read the Lessons and find them profound, engaging, and philosophical through and through." 

-Prof. Dr. Sc. Aneta Karageorgieva, Sofia University

© Marcel Emmenegger, CH-9100 Herisau
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